How We Help

Simplifying Medical Care for the Uninsured and Unemployed

Whether it’s screening for Medicaid eligibility and assisting in the application process, or sponsoring patients to purchase their insurance, HealthFund Solutions offers financial solutions for uninsured patients in need of medical care. Our goal is to help patients get insured and get care. This helps hospitals save money on charity or bad debt accounts, so they are able to invest more in providing quality care.

How It Works

Uninsured Patient Visits The Hospital

Hospital visits can take a financial toll on patients without insurance,
especially if there is a need for ongoing care and future appointments.

We connect patients with sponsorship assistance options
based on financial need

Working with hospital financial counselors, HealthFund Solutions sponsors patients who do not qualify for
Medicare or Medicaid to help them obtain their own insurance coverage.

Patients are able to make their own premium payments

Patients who qualify for sponsorship assistance receive the financial support they need to make their own premium payments if they cannot afford them.
There is no credit check or repayment plan—patients are sponsored for a specific period based on need.