Solutions for the Uninsured

Our uninsured patient assistance programs connect patients with the right insurance coverage based on their financial need, whether it is through State, Federal, County, or commercial marketplace exchange plans.

How we help

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About HealthFund Solutions

Who we are

At HealthFund Solutions, we are an advocate to uninsured patients and a partner to hospitals and healthcare providers.

Who we are

Success Stories

"I was diagnosed with cancer and had to have several surgeries. I feel so blessed to have received the health insurance with the assistance of Healthfund Solutions. I am now on my second round of Chemo and have another surgery soon. I feel so very blessed to have your help."

by Zusana

“I am a widow that came down with cancer and could not afford expensive insurance, Healthfund Solutions helped me with the financial assistance I needed so I could get the coverage I needed.”

by Kris

“With Healthfund Solutions, I am doing great. They check on me every three months or so. Your ladies have been awesome. Thank god for you guys, without you, I think I would be dead by now. I tell everyone about your organization.”

by Yolanda

“This program was the only way I was able to get insurance. Healthfund Solutions was very instrumental in getting the coverage I needed and being able to start my treatments. I can’t thank you enough.”

by Robert

“Your program saved my life. It wasn’t that long ago that my future looked bleak with all the health problems I had. I was always sick and spent more time in hospitals than I did at home. Thank you, you have given me by my life!”

by Loren

Our Services

What we do

We serve hospitals and healthcare providers by supporting their patient populations through our funding assistance programs and advanced screening technology. Our purpose is to assistance the patient through the qualification process, or through direct financial sponsorship so that all ongoing treatment needs are met.

What we do